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As experienced business owners, investors and directors, we know that even the best laid plans can come unstuck. Often through no fault of your own. The Covid crisis has given us all a reminder of how quickly “normal” can unravel. And how quickly the strategy that worked yesterday can become irrelevant today. Facing this on your own and trying to provide reassurance to staff, stakeholders and customers can be very difficult. Draining. Debilitating even. If the current crisis has affected you and your business, you may benefit from the help and advice of an experienced third party to get you back on track and turn crisis into opportunity.

A Changing Landscape

Covid-19. Lockdown. Homeworking. Social distancing. Furlough.

In an instant, the world changed. Many are calling for more permanent change. They think business should be different. That it needs to be different to address the challenges facing us as a society. These voices come from across the political and business spectrum. From the Financial Times to the Governor of The Bank of England to the head of Morgan Stanley to ordinary investors and consumers, people are voicing the need for change. The Coronavirus crisis has shown us that we can change and adapt. That we are not predestined to keep on doing the same things in the same way, getting the same results. It is potentially the catalyst for permanent change.

As a business owner, that could present either opportunity or threat. How you respond to it may determine which.

“We are at a pivotal moment in business and society.

People are making different choices about what they value.

  About how they spend and invest their money.

What they chose to do with their time.

Society wants and needs different solutions to its problems.

  This could present you with either opportunity or threat.

  How you respond to it may determine which.”

  Andy Key.
Director, Maskew Cordon. August 2020

Prosperity With Principles

Put simply, the side-effect of a more principled business is greater prosperity. And much more than material wealth.

It’s because what the business stands for, why it exists and how it treats all stakeholders are aligned.

These are great businesses to deal with. Because they care. And they embody the Maskew Cordon notion of Prosperity with Principles.


Maskew Cordon work at your side and on your side, working with you in two ways:

  1. Business Strategy Consultancy and Advice
  2. Coaching and Facilitation

Business Strategy Consultancy and Advice

Here, the focus in on the business as an entity.

We work with Senior Leadership Teams – the board or the business founders and owners.

We can behave like Non-Executive Directors and can become Non-Executive Directors.

A typical engagement is 6 months to 3 years. But as we are contract-free we stay only for as long as we are making a difference.

Coaching and Facilitation

Here, the focus is on the people as individuals.

Coaching helps leaders to develop capability, capacity and confidence. It’s setting the right goals for you, your stakeholders and the greater good.

Facilitation bonds people, process and vision. It’s an inclusive and collaborative approach to improve decision making and engagement by bringing people in the organisation together to address crucial issues in a pressureless and empowering way.


Maskew Cordon work with businesses to add tangible, balance sheet value. We have been doing this as expert and experienced Business Consultants for, collectively, over 50 years.


Times are changing. Whilst we’ve always believed in doing things the right way, these days, there is an even greater opportunity to differentiate by being a truly Principle led business and brand. To do the right thing by people, planet AND profit – the triple bottom line.

Experience and Expertise

Our team has advised businesses, at board level and across sizes and sectors, collectively for over 50 years.
We provide guidance and support through pivotal moments of change, crisis and opportunity. Making your business more valued and more valuable.

When We’re Relevant

The Good times. Investment. Rapid growth. Significant new product/service launches or new category entry. Strategic opportunities.

The Tricky times. Leadership change. Owner exit. Boardroom tension. Threats becoming real.

Some you can anticipate. Some you can’t.

Either way, Maskew Cordon deliver best-in-class board level Business Strategy Consultancy, Advice, Coaching and Facilitation.


Andy Key – Credentials

Founder & Principal Consultant. 2 page PDF.

Juliana McLean – Credentials

Principal Consultant. 2 page PDF.


The Maskew Cordon Brand

Why we do what we do. 2 page PDF.

Combined PDF

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