Where do you want to be – and when?

“Start with the end in mind” Stephen Covey

We firmly believe in the philosophy of starting with the end in mind. Everyone’s “end” is unique to them, both in terms of timing and desired outcome, so it’s important right from the start to understand what matters to you, your business partners and your significant others; your goals, drivers and constraints. By taking the time to develop this understanding we can help you arrive at outcomes better aligned with what matters to you. It doesn’t matter how far out from exit you are, the decisions you make pre-exit will affect your options post exit.

Our process is simple;


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Whaley Bridge Dam

Whaley Bridge Dam

The Whaley Bridge dam is just over 3 miles away as the crow flies – I can often see it on my morning dog walks.  Strangely, if you own a business, it has relevance.

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak.  To a greater or lesser degree, they all let in water.  Businesses are the same.  Except they don’t leak water, they leak value. Value leaks out of businesses through the gaps.  Through ineffective people, through holes in systems and pro

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I love my cars - the car in the picture is Marilyn, a 1964 Healey 3000 I used to own with a friend. I find cars can be very useful from an information gathering perspective…

Case Studies


MBO / Succession plan underway. Implementing plan to build exit value. Owners on track with exit plan. ...

Travel / Hospitality

Successfully secured longer term deal and desired Exit package. ...

Marketing Agency

Business Owner successfully grew client base and sales. Ultimately exited by selling out to another agency. ...

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