Where are you now?

“Hope is not a strategy”

You can’t just hope it’ll all be alright, and you can’t plot a course without first knowing where you are. As Evidence Based Decision Making is at the heart of how we work, a detailed understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing your business is an essential platform from which to plan – and often re-sets priorities. We provide a range of service packages to help you gain that objective understanding of your exact circumstances that is so critical to effective business planning.

Our process is simple;


Our Blog

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are on the acquisition trail and arguably driving up the price of those businesses that meet their criteria as a result – but what are those criteria? ...

Are you nose-blind?

In a previous article I wrote about business owners being blind to the opportunities and strengths in their businesses; ...

“Is everything alright with your meal…?”

A phrase we’ve all, no doubt, heard on many occasions… but how often have you answered honestly? ...

Case Studies

Import/Wholesale & Distribution – Family Business

Significantly improved sales, greater staff accountability within constraints imposed by the Family Business leadership team. ...

Building Services/Engineering

Owner returned to effective leadership of their business - much greater sense of control and focus over their life and work. Sales training delivered significant improvements to sales performance. ...

Design Agency

Profit improvement plan implemented. Directors fully engaged working on long term exit plan. ...

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