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Do you own, or part own, a business? 

If so, you may have given some thought to exiting at some point in the future.  Perhaps, with your partner or family, you’ve planned what you’ll do with the time and money a successful exit could give you?

You may already be financially secure, or you may be relying on a successful exit to fund your retirement plans.  Whether you need the money or not, the business you’ve built probably represents a significant proportion of your personal net worth – typically around 70%. 

If it was in cash, you’d be pretty careful what you did with it. 

If it was invested in a pension fund, you’d probably take a keen interest in its performance and value. 

As it’s tied up in your business, it’s easy to assume it’ll provide the amount you want when you want it… which it probably can, but wouldn’t it make sense to be on the safe side with so much at stake?

Most business owners only exit a business once in their careers, so understandably have relatively limited knowledge of exit strategy and planning, the facts, statistics, opportunities, options available and potential pitfalls. 

Recent research by a leading “Big 4” accountancy practice indicates most former business owners wished they’d planned more for it.  

“What you need to know about exiting your business” is a White Paper providing information to help you make educated choices to secure the exit that’s right for you. We hope you find it helpful.

In-depth 22 page White Paper covering the following:

  • Relevant statistics
  • Advice from those who’ve exited
  • The current market
  • The perils & pitfalls of selling
  • Selling may not be your best option
  • Death, disability, divorce, disagreement, distress
  • What happens if you can’t sell?
  • The importance of planning & preparation
  • Don’t be your own worst enemy
  • Preparing your business for exit
  • Getting the deal that’s right for you
  • Life after exit

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Case Studies

Travel / Hospitality

Successfully secured longer term deal and desired Exit package. ...

E- Commerce/Web Development

Partner able to exit on target for desired figure. ...

Professional Services

Equity Partners engaged in implementing a long-term exit plan, building exit value and leadership capability with future MBO in mind. ...

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