How do we bridge the gap?

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”

In one form or another, exiting your business is an inevitability. For that reason, we believe that Building Exit Value is an essential element of day to day business leadership and should be at the forefront of your strategic thinking and planning as a business owner – whether your exit is likely to be 1 year away or 10. We provide a range of service packages to improve and build value in your business – and to help you prepare for life after exit.

Our process is simple;


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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are on the acquisition trail and arguably driving up the price of those businesses that meet their criteria as a result – but what are those criteria? ...

Not everything that counts can be counted…..

In pure financial terms, a business’s sale value is the sum of its asset value and the value of the goodwill, or, perhaps more realistically, what someone is prepared to pay for it.  This is a more complex area and will depend on financial performance, strategic value to the buyer and the availability of alternative options....

Time to smell the (American) coffee…?

Speak to any IFA in the UK and, chances are, they’ll tell you that on a weekly basis they meet business owners that list their business as one of their main assets - and usually a fundamental part of their later life financial planning.  You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the business is usually listed in their financial statement at, yes, you guessed it, a nice round £1 million.  Mini...

Case Studies

Manufacturers – Family Business

Vastly improved performance – essential element of succession planning. Individual contributes effectively as a Director. Much better understanding of their role, strengths and value. Increased confidence. ...

Professional Services

Equity Partners engaged in implementing a long-term exit plan, building exit value and leadership capability with future MBO in mind. ...

Enterprise Software

Excellent ROI; significantly improved sales and profitability. Major client relationships secured. JV initiated that could secure Owner’s desired exit. ...

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