How do we bridge the gap?

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”

In one form or another, exiting your business is an inevitability. For that reason, we believe that Building Exit Value is an essential element of day to day business leadership and should be at the forefront of your strategic thinking and planning as a business owner – whether your exit is likely to be 1 year away or 10. We provide a range of service packages to improve and build value in your business – and to help you prepare for life after exit.

Our process is simple;


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Whaley Bridge Dam

Whaley Bridge Dam

The Whaley Bridge dam is just over 3 miles away as the crow flies – I can often see it on my morning dog walks.  Strangely, if you own a business, it has relevance.

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak.  To a greater or lesser degree, they all let in water.  Businesses are the same.  Except they don’t leak water, they leak value. Value leaks out of businesses through the gaps.  Through ineffective people, through holes in systems and pro

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I love my cars - the car in the picture is Marilyn, a 1964 Healey 3000 I used to own with a friend. I find cars can be very useful from an information gathering perspective…

Case Studies

Manufacturers – Family Business

Vastly improved performance – essential element of succession planning. Individual contributes effectively as a Director. Much better understanding of their role, strengths and value. Increased confidence. ...

Professional Services

Equity Partners engaged in implementing a long-term exit plan, building exit value and leadership capability with future MBO in mind. ...

Enterprise Software

Excellent ROI; significantly improved sales and profitability. Major client relationships secured. JV initiated that could secure Owner’s desired exit. ...

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