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You have different needs and need different expertise at different points in the life-cycle of your business and your business life - nobody ever has all the answers. We help business owners like you improve your business, build exit value and prepare yourself, your team and your business for exit, whether that’s now, or in the future.

Our process is simple;


Our Blog

Time or money – what matters most?

Deciding when to exit a business is often a question of balancing conflicting drivers; spending time in the business building its exit value versus exiting now for a lesser sum but having the time (and potentially health) to enjoy it. ...

TSB Systems debacle – where was the real failure?

I’ve previously worked with several software businesses and even been a Non-Exec Director in that space.  I’m not a technical person, my input and value has been more strategic, commercial and governance related.  ...

Eliminate the cockroaches – and provide the evidence

Seventy to eighty percent of businesses don’t sell – that’s a widely reported statistic both in the UK and US where the markets for SME business sales are very similar.  ...

Case Studies


Excellent ROI; in 4 years net profits increased by over 700%. Owner able to step back & prepare for exit and begin to prepare for exit. ...

E- Commerce/Web Development

Partner able to exit on target for desired figure. ...

Specialist Occupational Health Provider

Owner totally engaged and focussed on priority activities to secure long term plan. Owner’s perspective on their business and route to exit and growth radically changed. ...

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