Why ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ is the best advert for Non-Exec Directors…..

A group of talented (well, mostly), wilful, ambitious, ego driven individuals, placed in difficult, challenging circumstances, all striving to win but split into political factions with opposing camps, ring leaders, trouble-makers, peace-keepers and highly watchable personality clashes and conflicts…

What have the Celebrities all managed to lose sight of?

The big picture.

They all entered with presumably the same goal – winning – and all knew they were playing a “game”. The rules, challenges and constraints were outside of their control and created by Producers with one goal and one alone: creating good TV. And good TV means conflict.

Lots of conflict.

By losing sight of the big picture and allowing themselves to fall into the traps set by the Producers, the “Celebrities” have focussed their energy and attention onto battling one another and not fighting the common enemy, the game itself.

The parallels with business and the board room are many and obvious, not least that being reminded of the big picture, the common enemy, can unite the team and focus its efforts on the battle that really counts. If the Celebrities in the current version of the game were granted the perspective of a Non Exec Director and the questions they would invariably ask, would they be continuing to battle one another in the way they have been… or would their energy and focus be directed elsewhere – to the common enemy?

If that sounds familiar – and not just because of I’m a Celebrity, perhaps we should talk?

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