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You have different needs and need different expertise at different points in the life-cycle of your business and your business life - nobody ever has all the answers. We help business owners like you improve your business, build exit value and prepare yourself, your team and your business for exit, whether that’s now, or in the future.

Our process is simple;


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Whaley Bridge Dam

Whaley Bridge Dam

The Whaley Bridge dam is just over 3 miles away as the crow flies – I can often see it on my morning dog walks.  Strangely, if you own a business, it has relevance.

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak - and all businesses too

All ships leak.  To a greater or lesser degree, they all let in water.  Businesses are the same.  Except they don’t leak water, they leak value. Value leaks out of businesses through the gaps.  Through ineffective people, through holes in systems and pro

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

If your business was a car... what would it be, and why?

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I love my cars - the car in the picture is Marilyn, a 1964 Healey 3000 I used to own with a friend. I find cars can be very useful from an information gathering perspective…

Case Studies


Excellent ROI; in 4 years net profits increased by over 700%. Owner able to step back & prepare for exit and begin to prepare for exit. ...

E- Commerce/Web Development

Partner able to exit on target for desired figure. ...

Specialist Occupational Health Provider

Owner totally engaged and focussed on priority activities to secure long term plan. Owner’s perspective on their business and route to exit and growth radically changed. ...

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