“We are afloat in a sea of sameness, high quality sameness, but sameness just the same. To succeed we must stop being so ‘Goddam’ normal, for in a winner takes all world, normal equals nothing”

Funky Business - Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale

Developing/Facilitating Business Strategy & Supporting Implementation

“Hope is not a strategy”.

Whether you’re a large corporate organisation, a start-up or somewhere in between, if you want your aspirations to become reality, you have to turn them into goals. If you can’t see a direct line of achievable milestones and activities between you and your goals, they’re not goals.

They’re dreams.

And they’re likely to remain as dreams unless you have a clear actionable plan to deliver them.

Playing to Win – A.G Lafley and R.L. Martin

Hope is not a strategy…

As external parties working with companies of all sizes to develop and implement successful strategies, we think strategy is too important to be left to hope.

Running a series of strategy workshops with you on your business is a very privileged role and one we enjoy greatly.

We’re given the opportunity to see your business in an impartial way and that enables us to help you see your strengths, capabilities and opportunities in a completely different light. In our experience, the people involved in a business day to day are often just too close to it to see it objectively as an outsider would; most of us tend to take for granted what we’re good at and what comes easily to us just as we often have blind spots around our short-comings.

And, of course, businesses often reflect the strengths (and short-comings) of the people who lead them which is why good leadership is so important to successful organisations and why strategy and communication skills are so important to good leadership.

You might think you can do this on your own, and of course you can, but an external perspective will undoubtedly reveal opportunities and weaknesses you wouldn’t see yourselves, ask the difficult questions which are so important (precisely because they are difficult) and provide a framework and accountability to drive the process along.

If you don’t want hope to be your strategy, please contact us

and as the old saying goes;

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

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