“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

Albert Einstein

Sales Performance Improvement

Lack of sales
insufficient sales
below budget,
challenging trading conditions
under-performing sales staff/sales team

Probably the most common issue faced by businesses of all sizes is an under-performing sales and marketing function.

This can have many root causes, including

Sales Strategy,
Sales Process

Furthermore, many entrepreneurs lack the training, knowledge and experience to optimise this crucial element of their business.

That’s where we can help.

“An effective sales function is a mixture of art and science, skill and graft.”

Whether your business growth strategy is based on hunting or farming or a mixture of the two, everyone involved in your business can have a positive impact on sales.

We take a simple, step by step approach to analyse and understand the root issues behind under performance and then use coaching, mentoring and training as appropriate to help you create an efficient, cost effective sales and marketing function.

We provide training and mentoring in Question Based Selling,

Consultative Sales, Behavioural Profiling and Key Account Management. We have a lot of experience helping people in traditionally non-sales roles, such as professional services and customer support, gain the skills to become effective sales people for their organisation.

To many people, “Sales” is a dirty word; a belief borne of negative experiences with poorly trained high pressure sales people… but every day, all of us experience good sales people too – we just don’t remember it because it’s a more positive experience.

Good selling is about helping people to buy – if you want help helping more people to buy from you, please contact us

“I never said half the crap people say I did.”

Albert Einstein

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