“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

A widely quoted phrase, often attributed to Peter Drucker.

So what’s the difference between strategy and culture?

Strategy generally applies to externally facing hard factors and culture to soft ones (the human factor), but other than that, we don’t think there is one. They’re both factors over which the leaders of an organisation have control and influence and both can have a huge impact on business performance.

There are only two key strategies available in most situations, cost leadership and differentiation, so to us, culture is an element of strategy. For many businesses it’s one of the most significant ways they can differentiate themselves from competitors and secure competitive advantage.

So what is culture?

Perhaps the easiest explanation is “It’s the way we do things around here”, so primarily it’s about behaviour and how that behaviour impacts others. Whether it up-lifts, motivates and encourages or inhibits, frightens and discourages, is clearly going to have a huge impact on engagement, productivity and contribution, for example.

We work with business leaders using a variety of techniques to help them shape the right culture for their organisation

“Culture is… Values in Behaviours”

We believe in making this as simple as possible and to do so we use a variety of tools and techniques appropriate to the situation, including;

Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Group Coaching, Facilitated Workshops, Training, System/Process reviews

If you’re competing in a really competitive “me too” market place and you’d like help better understanding where you are, we’d love a chat - we can probably help .”

"The Porsche philosophy is that first comes the client, then come the workers, then the suppliers and finally the shareholders. When the first three are happy then so are the stockholders"

Chief Executive of Porsche

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