Customer Insight Research

Journey mapping is a valuable exercise in its own right, for obvious reasons, but it can also be the first stage in an even more powerful process.

Before leaping into making changes to business strategy, processes and systems it pays to really understand how your clients FEEL about the customer journey touch points they experience with your organisation and the reasons for that. Do customers, for example, feel frustrated, angry and uncared for in their dealings with you, or respected, valued and appreciated?

In depth customer research provides valuable qualitative insight into the nature of your organisations’ touch points with its most important stake-holders and a very powerful catalyst for change. The research is conducted by skilled and experienced interviewers with the listening and questioning skills to get to the REAL reasons behind customer decision making and behaviour.

The objective of this research is to gain an enhanced understanding of customer behaviour and motivation and this is achieved by interviewing a select group of customers (past, present, lapsed and in some instances, those that chose not to come on-board), either face to face or more commonly over the telephone.

The outcome from the research is usually an in depth report with recommendations which usually forms part of a larger strategic review process with the client. Each research project is bespoke to our client and reflects the individual client’s requirements, objectives and business circumstances.

In some instances, research projects high-light major problems and issues involving staff recruitment, training and processes – issues to be remedied within the business, whilst others highlight undercapitalised strengths and opportunities that can be easily realised. In all the projects we have conducted on behalf of clients, they report an excellent return on investment with the additional benefit that many report a very positive response from their customers in having been consulted with in this way.

‘We quickly established a strong working relationship working with Andy; who helped formalise/structure many concepts and ideas we had; giving us the evidence on which to base our strategy.  The customer research conducted was excellent. ’ Research and Strategy Development Client

“It was a pleasure, thank you for launching these kind of initiatives to improve your way of working.”

Major European Aerospace Company – Head of Procurement

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